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Blyndfolds is a unique experience, with shows and sensual tease. An upmarket affair with like minded couples and singles in a stunning Central London venue. 

Sexuality that is is what makes a relationship a relationship. Without it, you are simply best friends. A celebration of sexuality awaits you with a Smörgåsbord of tease and entertainment with like minded others. 

No It is not. It is an immersive show of tease and titillation unlike anything you have seen before. 



From the moment you enter the central London mansion doorway, your senses are treated to a feast you will never forget. 

We will be leading you through all 5 divine senses to explore yours and your partners sensuality. Our ethos is to allow a safe space for couples, or singles to try out new erotic fantasies and explore new sensations. 

Blind fold 5.jpg
The Sounds

We give you your own head phones with 3 different levels of instructions for you and your partner 

Do you dare to listen?

The Tastes

We have three light courses for you to taste, all especially tailored to heighten your experience 

Do you dare to taste?

The Touch

Blindfolds on and different sensations will be explored together 

Do you dare to touch?

The Scent 
We have a unique and intimate way to adventure into this sense 
Do you dare to breathe in a new sensual experience? 
The Sights

The best till last, a peep show that will truly widen your pupils and your horizons 

Do you dare to see?

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